Monday, April 21, 2008

Thomson Reuters' New Campaign

For years bikers could tear out Harley-Davidson ads to tape to their garage walls, car freaks had Porsche ads to salivate over and now, finally, an ad campaign worthy of any librarian's bulletin board is running. Thomson Reuters has their new name to introduce and define to the world and they're doing a pretty good job of it. One headline reads: "Information Waits For You. Intelligent Information Finds You." Another is, "The End of Think. The Beginning of Know." (Ok, maybe that one isn't as strong.) The body copy does a brilliant job of explaining succinctly what info pros do every day. I dig the trendy orange spot color, too.

Locally Thomson (I mean, Thomson Reuters) is running full page ads in the Business section of the Star Tribune. I was hoping to find one in the Sunday New York Times, but didn't. If you haven't seen them yet, go to and let the front page run through it's splashy introduction and then click around a little on the orange icons. There's a ton of verbiage here that can be used for inspiration for your own in-house library marketing pieces (and I said inspiration, not plagiarism, of course).

Hats off to whatever creative team worked on this. I'm sure they rolled their eyes when the job order landed on their desks (the assignment probably read: Explain information delivery to people who either don't care about it or don't have time to care and make sure they remember our new name in the process).


pazzia said...

i saw this headline today. so i went to the internet to look it up because i thought it was an article. too bad... it sounds really interesting
: )

Anonymous said...

I also think it's brilliant. The campaign came along just as I'm developing a marketing repositioning for a client whose solutions do similar things in semiconductors, and I've directed my techies to it to understand where I'm headed. I'm clipping everyone of their ads as inspiration! Also a cancer, also in marcom, with hi tech specialty.

Anonymous said...

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