Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thing 4: Fun with Flickr

Ok, who wants to go make dioramas of their favorite libraries with me? Flickr is a great place to start brainstorming for ideas for anything you might have to do at your library: displays, posters, new ways of doing things, layouts, whatever your job of the day is. The only problem is it's so easy to wander away from what you were there initially for, but it can also bring up brand new ideas. It had never occurred to me before that making a library diorama might be a fun and useful project sometime.

One challenge I can see with Flickr is that finding images will only work if the tagger is paying close attention to what he/she is doing. To find this image I had been looking at library photos and saw one labeled "dorama." Not the correct spelling, I'm afraid. But it was enough to pique my interest and lead me to FrogMuseum2's very interesting world. Check it out when you have time. 

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