Monday, March 17, 2008

Thing 15: Online Games in Libraries

I definitely think games have a place in the library - and also that the reverse is true. Libraries have a place in games as proven by Info Island in Second Life. Even starting at a young age (as young as 2 in our household), games are a good way to draw kids in to the library and even help them with basic computer skills. I've been shocked at what my child has learned to do in three years on the computer just by playing games. Personally, I don't have enough time, patience or interest in gaming - yet Info Island is a powerful draw. If I trusted that my computer had the necessary requirements I fear that I might visit it and never return home again.

Info Island is a good way to get visitors to a virtual library who might not go to one in the real world. I read in the article that they'll be providing reference and databases so that's a great way to get new users. I can also see how youth services librarians would really need to be into gaming. The more relevant services (and librarians) are, the more we'll keep our patrons coming back.

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