Friday, March 28, 2008

Thing 19: Podcasts

This was a fun Thing. Although I have the first iPod to get unpacked from the truck way back when (2002? 2001? must find out when they went on the market), I never really jumped on the podcast bandwagon. It was interesting to see how much library stuff is actually out there (as well as any other topic you'd want to learn about). Who needs to attend a conference thousands of miles away when you can just stay home and download podcasts?

Each of the directories had their own little quirks. The exercise I created for myself was to find podcasts by Mary Ellen Bates, my library idol as previously mentioned. I didn't find much. The only one that was easy to search and where I found some immediately was the Yahoo directory. The EPN directory was frustrating since you can't search it at all - you just go into categories the old-fashioned way. Podcast Alley had all of Sirsi's podcasts available in it and I discovered a program called Library Geeks. I downloaded one with Gary Price's name on it, but it didn't give any kind of time code so I had no idea how much time I was in for with it. Not good. 

I liked the search capabilities of, especially since you can search by host on it. had lots of library stuff, too.

Listening to podcasts is a good way to pass the time when commuting, cleaning the house or your stuck waiting for something/somebody. I'd have to be fairly motivated to learn more on whatever the topic is since my head rarely has time to be hijacked at the same time my computer or iPod is nearby. Plus, I have the sneaking suspicion my iPod is so old that it probably can't handle podcasts anyway. Maybe it's finally time for a new one.

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