Monday, March 10, 2008

Thing 8: Part B

A few final thoughts before moving on:
The communication tools would be great for an information consultancy. Sharing presentations online that multiple people can work from is indispensable. This is coming up at a perfect time since I'm working on my webinar for the SLA MN Chapter on member benefits. When I get it done I'll post my slides.

I'm not sure how the photo mosaics could be applied to the type of library service I'm used to. I'll have to think about that for a while. On an intranet at an ad agency the styles of PictureTrail would be laughed at and not in a good way. Everyone is way too sophisticated in a design sense to even attempt to appreciate it. It would make the library look hopelessly out of date and out of touch.

I was excited by the prospect of but when I started to create my own database I thought maybe it should be called or doesn' It's complicated and when I finally began to figure it out I got nothing but server error messages. If it worked it would be awesome to be able to deliver multiple pieces of information online to a client.

eFolioMN would be great for job hunters. You could really expand on your resume and other information you want a potential employer to know about. It's also a good place to get ideas of what the "competition" is up to.

Off to read the new Cornwell book (Book of the Dead, what a great title), controversially rented for $3 at the Edina library today. Can I get it done in ten days while completing more Things? We'll see.

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