Monday, March 3, 2008

Thing 6: Online Image Generators

These are just too cheesy for words. I need to spend more time looking for some generators that have a bit more sophistication to them. In the meantime, enjoy my trading card and ID badge. There's a dearth of photos of the Nomad ever since the little Nomads came into the picture, thus the same shot is used both times.

I can see how these could be used in different libraries, particularly those in schools. It would be fun to make cards about the students who come in the most and what books they like or what they use the library for. In a special setting, like the ad agency I used to work in, it would be really cool to make trading cards with info on what kind of problem was solved in the library and/or the resources used (besides the librarian) to solve that problem.

I was frustrated I couldn't change the typeface and style on the trading card. I'd rather just build one myself.

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